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The Team

Making wine means working together. A team or crew where everyone is ready to contribute to the magic with his work and his sensitivity: a question of mutual trust fuelled with passion.

Bernard Duseigneur

Gabriel Monier


As "captain" I give directions but I give a lot of autonomy to Gabriel -head of cellar-,  as well as Cendrine who is in charge of the Biodynamic preparations . I am also attentive to the council of my friend Philippe Cambie and I make my final decisions with my partner Philippe Faure-Brac.


Gabriel is head of cellar at the Domaine Duseigneur. After 10 years in Australia, he moved to Châteauneuf-du-Pape where his Burgundy sensitivity, patience and ability to anticipate new climatic constraints prompted him to seek balance and finesse of Grenache.

 Philippe Faure Brac


Philippe Faure Brac’s achievements are known to all, he needs no introduction: Best Sommelier of the World 1992, Meilleur Ouvrier de France HC, Président of Union de la Sommellerie Française, among other distinctions and responsibilities make him one of the most popular and respected French wine experts.Nevertheless, few people may know of his engagement with Domaine Duseigneur: Philippe posseses a true passion for terroirs and winemakers.It was in 2007 that Philippe and his ex-wife Nadine joined the Domaine Duseigneur family. In addition to his vast knowledge of the wine world, Philippe brings great precision in the choice of blends and wines. His professionalism is vital to the team efforts and brings the best out of everyone.

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