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Philosophy or practice?

Owning a great terroir is important but not sufficient to producing great wines. Being a winemaker is also being part of a thousand years old tradition; it means receiving and cultivating a know-how and conscience; it means being the vector of a cultural heritage, and being responsible for future generations to whom everything must be transmitted.

The quality of the wine is entirely dependant on the work in the vineyard.Our choices are dictated by the plant during its development and maturation.Every year, conditions change, but our mission remains: allowing the underground forces to turn into energy.

In order to achieve this, we enhance the vitality of the soil by favoring a flora and a fauna that mobilise the trace elements and allow the symbiosis between the plant and the soil.


Enriching the vitality of the soil aims at respecting the natural elements, maintaining the organic integrity of the terroir while expressing its potential in every vintage. Seizing the opportunity that nature gives us; that is the essence of biodynamics for me.


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The art in the profession of winemaker is the journey ... for me the awareness phase is very important ... we must then learn patience because Nature imposes its rhythm and the process is long. I see wine as the culmination of a slow "digestion" from earth to light, from the cellar to the glass. This aging is the vertical journey of the wine from the depths of the ground to the spirit and the spiritual! 

Wine is also an inheritance and a human adventure: I receive what my predecessors have created ... I am a vector of knowledge and a vector of passion! My mission is to pass on a healthy and living land as well as a know-how, the true cultural heritage that will allow the adventure to continue. This is what sustainability is for me.


Bernard Duseigneur

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