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Vins justes


Through wine, Nature offers us a sublime and unique opportunity to create and share emotions, to receive and pass on a precious know-how coming from the ages. Sometimes even adding our own little twist to it.

I am pleased to invite you on this virtual journey, to discover our values as well as our project. And I am looking forward to seeing you in person at the Domaine for a wine tasting!

Bernard Duseigneur

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A Unique Terroir

For centuries, Châteauneuf-du-Pape has given birth to exceptional wines that defy time and fascinate the wine lovers.

This place finds its everlasting magic in the divine trilogy formed by the sun, the wind and the well-known round pebbles. But Terroir is nothing without the sweat of men.

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The Team, a Common Passion

Running a vineyard is like sailing and exploration. It is a human adventure where everyone plays a small role in the search for excellence. However this great ambition is only possible with humility and respect for all the elements that we never truly control but that make the journey thrilling.


Our Project: Receive and Pass On

  • Dedicating our energy and passion to the service of the historical terroir of Châteauneuf du Pape, a pearl of the French Cultural heritage.

  • Playing our modest part to creating a healthy, sustainable and harmonious agriculture.

  • Passing on our knowledge to the future generations so that the adventure goes on!

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Why the Astrolabe ?


The Astrolabe is an ancient instrument that helped sailors navigate through the seas by following the stars.

This logo, displayed on our labels, represents the influence of the cosmos on our biodynamic practices.

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